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1st January 2010

Hungover household…..

No, not ours: My Mums!

My beautiful Mum was 70 yesterday so baby sis and many friends gathered around her to celebrate. Unfortunately for my mum and sister, who dont drink MUCH!!, they had to be sociable and enjoy a glass or sixteen with the assembled throng…..

Today, while the memories of the day are sweet, if not a little blurry, the headaches are intense and tempers, short – and its only 10am!

Knowing my Mum, anytime now, there will be a ‘hairy dog’ consumed to help the headache – and I may need to go to Susie Fs to share a GnT just so I don’t feel left out!

Cannot believe how time is passing so quickly! Last time I looked, my Mum was in her 30s and I had a body with parts all lined up in the right order……bless us all!

Happy Belated Birthday Mum! I won’t ring again in case the phone hurts your ears! xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News