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1st January 2010

Humbled? You will be!

Okay, I give up!

Life has been a bit busy lately, not least with the holiday makers coming to villas in Coral Bay and Peyia but also with the small matter of a Mum (mine) who is not mobile (wears terrible socks!) and needs me to shop for her regularly – and a step father who is lovely but forgets who we all are, so the introductions take time every visit!

BUT life is good and the whole area of Coral Bay and Peyia is wonderful! I can find inspiration at every turn but I sometimes wonder if the stuf and nonsense I see, others will find entertaining………………take today~: there is a temporary market stall in Peyia centre. Its full of sheets, towels, rugs and throws – but in the most vivid and completely clashing colours you’ve ever seen! Today, as we were about to drive past and realised we needed to check out post box, Tony stopped the car and said , “Go and have a look”………

Well , the thing men don’t understand is:

– The local Cypriot ladies don’t shop in local markets – they shop BRAND NAMES!

– They don’t take coffee locally either – oh , no : after all, there might be TOURISTS there!!

– I’m still a trainee local, so have to be very careful BUT…..

The towels were GORGEOUS! And I needed some . So I bought some JUST as Maria (one of the important local REAL AND NOT VOTED FOR Marias!!) was watching me and came to ask me what I’d bought and why. I mumbled an embarrassed explanation and ran to the car with my goods……….then noticed she was also looking at the towels I’d bought and seemed to be about to buy some herself! Phew!!

Anyway, home at last after a day of local kindness: the postman opened his office because he said he had a parcel for us and we said we didn’t have a card but he said he knew who we were and that his coffee would stay hot.. so he had time to reopen his office for us ……….the man in the electrical shop said we were good customers so he wouldn’t dream of charging us full price for the replacement hob we needed (long story) so he did us a deal…………the lady in the jewellers said the fact that the sapphire had fallen out of the ring Tony bought me for my *** birthday, was their fault as it mustn’t have been fitted properly – and then, we got home to much tail wagging and purrs – and to think I woke up in a grey mood!

So things aren’t perfect? But what is? We’ve got a good family/wonderful friends/precious animals and sense of humour (well, one of us!?!). Thanks for reading – watch this space!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News