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1st January 2010

How to stand an egg upright?

Easter is coming. Well, its there in the UK but its coming to us here in Cyprus. Easter Saturday is Saturday 18th April here and the villages and towns are “dressing up” ready to celebrate the most important time of the year here…..but there has been a big problem in Peyia: The stone Easter Egg, which must be at least as old as the village and which has its own special place on the corner of the turning to the centre of the village, has had a little erosion on its ,err, bottom and isn’t standing up properly.

I watched for about 15 mins this morning as the men from the municipality , (think “men in black but not black, in green and not suits but overalls but wearing shades ………….in fact, don’t think that!), tried to decide how best to stand the egg, or lie it down, or prop it up – or just have another coffee till a solution presented itself! Great fun

I’ve just been back into the village centre and noticed that the egg still isn’t upright but is lying at the roadside. The men are still there and the problem still exists. So I’ll go back passed later and nothing will have happened.

“Dear Egg, You Shell Stand Up!” ………but I think you’ll be helped by 4 green clad men whose Easter task will be simply to hold on to you. (Maybe its the mayors yolk on his team?!)……….

There are worse things to do this Eastertime!

Have fun!

Category: Cyprus Villas News