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1st January 2010

How to get attention , in one Jakey lesson!

I got back from seeing villa guests in Coral Bay about one hour ago and have been desperate to sit down, put my feet up with a strong coffee and watch garbage TV……but Jake has other ideas! And plenty of ’em!

– firstly, he jumped up behind the settee where I was sitting and began to “massage” my head: heavily

– then , he opened the front door, letting Alfie and Molly out into the storm and letting Charlie in: then he went out into the rain too: so they were all filthy

– trying to get him in, (Alfie and Molly came running coz they don’t like the storms), Jake “pushed over” the largest, prettiest Cypriot pot we have near the front door – and broke it into many pieces

– so he came into the kitchen , jumped up and put his paw into my freshly made lasagne!

– next, he stole one of the shoes I’d just kicked off and began to toss it around the lounge

– then , he pulled one of the pieces of ironing off the kitchen table, pulling all of it down and let Charlie nest in it!

– now, he’s sitting, cute as a button, in front of the fire wondering why I’m stomping around in a mood wondering how to settle him without starting him off all over again………………

Alfie is hiding under the table out of the way and Molly is hiding upstairs out of the way.

Me? I give up!………bring it on down Jake: I’m ready for you!

(he’s snoring now!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News