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1st January 2010

How Life Changes…….

My beautiful baby sisters eldest child is a funny, computer orientated , lovely teenager with a great sense of humour. He has recently discovered the “joy of girls” = by computer! He is combing his love of the infernal machines with a growing care for a young lady he is communicating with from a distant….

I was asking Steph, my sister, about the girl and what she thought and her response was, “Intelligent” “seems very nice”, “wants to study forensic science or something similar”…….

Jack, Stephs son, wants to be either coach potato or a hitman – but he doesn’t want to leave home ever, (so beware walking past a house somewhere in Newcastle upon Tyne if Jack ever fulfills the latter wish!!)……..

“Sounds a perfect partnership, Steph”, I said: “Imagine the movie: young couple fall in love over internet; girl accepts her lovers strange home based behaviour but is totally confused when a crime is committed close to their home and she discovers DNA connected to her man! Dismissing this as pure coincidence, the evidence becomes too much when DNA from the victim is found within their home!”…….gripping stuff, eh!

I’m worried for future generations though: when I was at school, all I wanted to do was to marry Donny Osmond or be a teacher. My friends fought me for Donny or preferred David Cassidy but we all wanted some sort of sensible work.

That said, who knows what people dream about in the privacy of their own home? Its probably best that we don’t!

(Hope when people come to our villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, they leave there strange dreams behind them! Maybe the sun melts ’em?)…….