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1st January 2010

How does your garden grow?

We are very lucky here in the west of Cyprus because the gentle winter weather encourages the very many beautiful flowering shrubs, to keep flowering. With 174 indigenous flowers on the island, we’ve a plethora of lovely shrubs and plants to choose from, for our gardens.

Where Tony and I, the mountainside is rocky, making gardening exceptionally difficult – but thankfully, Tony is the gardener, so I get off lightly! My job is to have a good look at the position of the colours of the flowers and “supervise” any moves!!

We’ve lived here for over 5 years now and have enjoyed our developing garden immensely. The colours, year round, are wonderful – and this time of year, most of the shrubs show colour so its a very pretty time to spend sitting and chilling out in among them!

One thing has always puzzled Tony, until yesterday: at the bottom of our home, along the retaining wall for the pool, Tony planted hibiscus and orleander as the mainstay robust shrubs to bring colour, then added a few climbers of varying colours. The plan would have made for a colourful flowering wall on the approach to our home but, while it is colourful, the shrubs haven’t grown as well as they normally do and we’d started to believe it was due to something “evaporating” off the pool and covering these shrubs…….

Late afternoon yesterday, Tony came home to find our friendly herd of goats , who climb the hill around us on a daily basis, stopping off at our house for a nibble! Every shrub on the boundary of the villa was being used as a great little colour cafe for the hungry beasts , who, totally unperterbed by Tonys presence, carried on with their welcome snack until they had had their fill! Tony said it was hilarious! Even Jake, hanging over the balcony watching them, wasn’t enough to stop them eating!

Anyway, fair is fair: our home covers a part of the goats old walkways, so we think its only right and proper that they can eat our shrubs! No point in getting cheesed off with them! (that was a bad joke just for Ray!)

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