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1st April 2013

how clever is nature?

Today, there is a fuel strike across the whole of the island. People are up in arms about the rise in fuel (around 6 cents more per litre, I understand), so unless you got fuel yesterday, you may not be going anywhere for a few days!

That said, we’ve woken up to huge storms, driving rain and clouds so thick, it looks like the village of Peyia has been ‘stolen’ by the elements! I cannot see anything but cloud from our home high on the hill in Peyia. So I cannot imagine anyone wanting to go anywhere today,unless they absolutely have to !

I’m happy coz I’m at home with the dogs and Charlie cat; soup is on the stove and the fire is on. Tony isn’t so lucky: he’s in the office watching the river rush past him…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News