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1st January 2010

How am I? Ruff!!

Hello, I’m Jake. The parent people are a bit busy today so Alfie and me thought we’d write to you instead of our mum person. She’s been cleaning our home all day – which is daft coz` I’m gonna pee and dig as soon as she goes out, then I’ll need to sleep on the big comfy white thing chair upstairs, so it will all be a mess when she gets back from the airport. (By the way, whats an “airport”? Can I eat it?)….

Lyndsay person, who has a bag on her tummy full of chopped pork just for me, has been this morning. I like her chopped pork very much but think she is a bit daft coz all I do is whatever she asks me to when she is here, then she feeds me! As soon as she goes and my “training” is over, I like to bring the cushions and the teddy bears out to play in the sun – and push them in the water when I’ve chewed them enough. Alfie isnt’ much fun with this but he is great fun when I bite his tail and he chases me.

Molly is HUGE! She bites me and tells me off when I bite Alfie. I mean, she is REALLY BIG! She comes all the way up to the spotty bits above my ankles and I’m scared of her.

Today, Aunty Mary is coming to stay with her daughters. I like daughters. They are small and I can lick their faces in one big lick – and sometimes get their chocolate off them. They are better to play with than real big people coz they run a lot and chase me and don’t shout at me. Mummy person says I have to behave- but she hasn’t got any chopped pork so I’m not going to unless she gets some.

Charlie kitten and I have had a fight today. He is covered in my licks now and looks very funny but he has scratched my nose and it hurts. I’m gonna get him later when Molly isn’t looking.

I want to meet the villa guests in Coral Bay but my people say I’ll frighten them. I won’t. I just want to nip their bums gently and see if they carry chopped pork as well. If not, I’ll have chicken.

I like BBQs: they are when men people shout at each other a lot, waving sticks in the air over a hot thing then there is a smell of burning and Alfie, Molly and me get the stuff that they were making hot!

Also I need a “job”: mummy person says unless I get one, Lyndsay cannot come very weekend to “feed” me /train me. I think she will anyway coz she loves me and lets me lick her ears. (I’ll let you know).

Am tired now. There are things to do with toys and carpets and digging so I better move quickly. When my people get back I’ll pretend to be asleep and that nothing was my fault at all.

Its good being a puppy………

By the way, I’m supposed to say , “Hello Mr Gray: can I come to your villa for a BBQ?” So I have…….

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