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6th April 2014

Hotel versus rental villa? No question!

Tony and I had a lovely evening at the Amathus Hotel, in Paphos, where we joined Christina and Harvey, to celebrate Christinas birthday. Starting the evening in the NU Bar, with champagne and canapés, I was getting very ‘in’ to the beautiful surroundings and excellent service we were receiving. Moving on to the International Restaurant, where the food was amazing, the staff were so helpful and attentive , I was beginning to have my head turned…………till I looked around at just how many people were sitting amongst strangers, trying to relax and simply ‘be’, though knowing there is an etiquette to follow when in a crowd – and I realised that one of the main features and benefits of renting a villa, is that you CHOOSE who you want to be with you – and they accept you for how you want to be. No ceremony or fuss! Just lovely surroundings, relaxing days and nights and the choice to be with others, no not.

Being able to eat al fresco, poolside and comfortably but have the ‘home comforts’ of my own access to a kitchen (or takeaway)/wine/drinks – and bed when its all too much, just makes me lean towards renting a villa….

Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVED every second of the evening and am so grateful to Christina and Harvey for inviting us: but I prefer the peace of a villa – and I’d invite those two to share it with us, anytime!

Rental villas in Coral Bay and Peyia –