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1st January 2010

hopes, dreams and chickens…….

Individual focus is a funny thing…..take today, the man who was erecting the shed for some of our owners of a villa in Coral Bay, was entirely focused on getting the job done by a certain time, so he could clock off early – whether the job was done properly or not.

First thing, an English lady parking in the supermarket car park, was focused on getting parked so SHE was able to get access to the shop, regardless of whose way she was in/whose cars she’d blocked in!

This afternoon, I met with new villa owners who were focused on return on their investment but refreshingly, also on providing a wonderful environment for holiday makers – so our meeting was focused on niknaks and pictures to make their villa pretty!

When I got home to our villa in Peyia, all I could “see” was a shower and a cool glass of wine – but Jake and Charlie were focused on the chicken which was cooking in the oven for our tea!

Charlie, getting bored with the wait, went out vagabonding – but Jake stayed.

When Tony took the chicken out of the oven sadly, Tony lost his focus for a moment and went to the fridge, leaving Jake totally able to steal the chicken and run upstairs to devour it – which he did, bones, heat and all!!

I remember reading “You see it when you believe it”….and jake had certainly seen himself eating aforementioned chicken!

Me? I’m now focused on an early night, I can “see” the feeling of comfort as I sink into the pillows and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Category: Cyprus Villas News