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17th July 2014

Honest, decent Paphos people

Cyprus has had so much bad publicity over the past year. From the huge economic crisis last year to the recent reported mistreatment of animals, our lovely island has come in for a lot of comment: some good; some bad; some deserved but most, not entirely factual.

This is a beautiful island; a tapestry of colours and nature mixed with a plethora of people from all over the world who’ve been drawn to live or visit here, tempted by the weather/location/diversity of cultural and appeal of natural areas of beauty. Not a rich island in financial terms by any stretch of the imagination but a country rich is heart, spirit and soul.

Without question, there are some not so good people here – they are everywhere in the world but one thing there is in abundance, is heart, emotion and honesty.

I’d almost lost sight of that until yesterday: like many, I’m a little tired of some of the ‘informality’ of structure and worse, the bad intent of many of my fellow expats here but today, I want to sing from the rooftops about a local family who I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday – and who have shown me an honesty I’d almost forgotten existed: let me explain. Tony and I went to the main bus station in Paphos, to collect our completely wonderfully barmy ‘fairy goddaughter’ Marie Clare and her friend Laura. The bus was late, so we walked to an old taverna, which sits on the corner of the bus station car park. Bus and girls arrived, beers were finished and we went home – where I discovered I’d ‘dropped’ 80 euros from my pocket and couldn’t understand where it had gone.

I rang the taverna, with little hope but  just on the offchance – and the owner was so very happy to hear from me, telling me her young daughter had found my money, given it to her and she was trying to find out who I was. She was so happy I’d rung, wanted to come over to our home straight away to get it to me – and she kept saying how important it was I got my money back because ‘life is hard’ here.

I was so completely taken aback by her and her daughters honesty and kindness. I went to the taverna today, The Ladadika of Paphos  (though its spelt in Greek on the side of the building) and took a few tiny gifts by means of thanks. I was welcomed like a long lost friend and introduced to their family. Money returned and the offer of lunch, kindly refused, I came back here to try to put onto this blog just how touched I am to be reminded that real Cypriots have huge hearts and generous spirits. I urge everyone to go to this taverna. I’ve not eaten there yet but I know the food will be cooked with love and care.. This family will ensure it is!

If you’d like to book a villa near this taverna, email to me on and I’ll tell you whats on the holiday villa menu! (photo is of the coastline leading up to Coral Bay – a walk ready and waiting for you!)photo the walk