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4th September 2011

Home Sweet Ironing Mountain

Well, its life, isn’t it? We’ve had a fab holiday and have returned home to our lovely villa in Peyia to a (luke)warm welcome from the animals who seem to prefer Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou – and I’ve a massive ironing mountain to conquer!
The emphasis is on the “I” have a massive ironing mountain. Tony is good and will help – as long as its only re-ironing stuff I’ve already ironed but he doesn’t feel is done well enough!
I’m scuppering him by washing and drying his stuff then just hanging it in the wardrobe, blaming his crush of clothes is causing the wrinkles……

Speaking of wrinkles, the sun certainly took its toll on mine: I’m having to load the creases with cream every few hours just to keep my skin from drying out. Tony is the same. His shoulders and nose have peeled. I’ve no idea why only these areas of him have but there you go!

Category: Cyprus Villas News