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1st January 2010

home sweet home

What a great day we’ve had today. Starting the day on the “drive of smiles” from home to the office, with the sun shining and everyone looked relaxed and cheerful, the morning took a great turn for even better when we met Nicki, Richard, Bailey and Jessica and were able to find a fantastic villa for them to rent long term in Peyia. What a lovely family- and they’ve now got their dream Peyia home!

I’ve had a few giggles too, as Tony has been chatting to a few of the buyers of new apartments and was talking to one who kept getting sayings mixed up: apparently , he’s not going to “sing his own trumpet” (I think that may be illegal anyway), or “stand out and be counted”…..and they were just two of the funny things he was mxing up!

Susie Floozy and The Great Raymondo finally got their house warming pressie from us : the first one got dropped as it was being wrapped and I’ve had to wait for the second one to arrive and have felt VERY guilty that the pressie took so long. Sues main pressie is that Nicky and co are moving into Sue and Rays old villa, where Sue has had to leave a feral kitten coz it simply won’t be cuddled but loves to eat! Going daily to feed the little rascal, we know Sue has lost sleep about its safety but now Jessica and Bailey are going to take over the care of the kitten, so all is well.

Add checking out and in , 4 sets of returning holidaymakers and I’ve had a fab day – all done in time to watch Stavros Flatley win Britains Got Talent!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News