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6th November 2011

Home sweet disappointment!

Tony Without Teeth was discharged from hospital today, having been given a clean bill of health and permission to fly home TOMORROW!! Tony and I are trying to stay calm but the pull of doing their packing now and taking them both to the airport in VERY good time for tomorrow nights departure, is tempting!
This afternoon has been fun and games. Apparently, the nurses were “great fun” and chatted to TWT all afternoon! (and Tonys doesn’t say much). The food was fresh AND served at 6pm prompt (we’ve just finished work and are putting dinner out!). The view at our home is better (hoorah) but the hospital had “mosaics”…… I really give up
I’ve offered TWT and Bill , a drink of GnT but Joanies (TWT) says she had a few at the hospital and Bill said, “Pardon”….

25 hours, 34 minutes, 3 cases and slowly seeping away sense of humour to go………………..where is my drink!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News