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7th June 2020

Home Alone

It’s a beautiful, peaceful Sunday morning and I’ve got the great gift of a day, ”home alone” with our gorgeous big teddy bear dog, Barney T Rubble. Bliss!

Or is it? Am really starting to think that spending time alone is affecting my brain. For example, I’ve just thanked for the kettle for boiling so I could make a coffee! Not too crazy but I stroked it’s lid too, to show that I really meant what I said!

The bed was made with loving care and I caught myself talking to it, about how pretty it looked and how much I was looking forward to climbing back in, later!

As to taking cuttings from a plant, which is so beautiful, I want it everywhere, I actually HEARD it say, ”ouch” as I took the cutting and I felt so very guilty, I apologised to it for hurting it! Then spent 10 minutes explaining to the cutting how beautiful it was and that I’d place it where it could ”see” it’s mum plant and feel better!

Think I need a lie down!

Which isn’t a bad idea coz the bed IS beautiful and I know will be pleased to see me…….

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