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1st January 2010

Home alone

Alfie and Molly have gone for a “doggy pamper session” at Hair of the Dog in Coral Bay, so Jake and I are “home alone” for a couple of hours, (well, if you discount the cats and our friends, David and Jennie, who are also here but sleeping happily at the moment).

Jake is distraught that his doggy gang aren’t here. He is crying and pacing the floor – and looks very funny coz yesterday he had HIS pamper day, where all of his puppy coat was cut off and he now looks like a (very large) dalmation/husky/brown bear cross (well, furious, actually – would you want your hair cut off?)…….

So Jake is “in charge” this morning. Normally, Alfie is in “big charge” and Molly assumes, “little charge” – which means that Jake is a bit lost as to what to do: he has nobody to boss about; nothing particular to be in charge of, coz his toys are all safely at his paws and no-one is here to pinch them – thus his first experience of having the power, is a bit of a none event.

There are consolations: he has already had 4 biscuits: 2 from me and 2 from Aunty Jenny; the latter he received as a bribe so he didn’t jump up to cuddle her while she was carrying cups of tea upstairs. The former, again, a bribe so I could get some work done on the computer. (We’ve sung his cuddle song 3 times this morning and he still seems to want more!).

We’ve a whole surge of holidaymakers arriving tomorrow and during next week: the season is beginning to unfold, so I’ll make the most of this quiet time with the monster puppy – and get us both another cuppa and biscuit before the gang return.

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