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1st January 2010

holidays – MINE!!!!

Hoorah! I’ve now officially been on hols for 5 whole days and I LIKE IT!!

Isn’t it great not really having to get up when the alarm goes off? Opening the curtains to let the sun shine in; getting only partly dressed to simply fall into the pool and having nowhere in particular to be. I could get used to this!

BUT no-one met us to give us the key. No-one gave us a cheery welcome or list of dos and don’ts; no local info and no hunky pool cleaner – but then again, we are only at home in Peyia! And its the best place in the world.

Molly is wearing her new itsy bitsy bikini- but only when I’ve had a couple of drinks! Alfie and Jake have shades- but thats true – and Susie Floozy is coming up to stay here tomorrow so we can all escape for a few days to, er, the sun!

Am in heaven!

But always am here in Peyia!

Happy to share it with you: just get booking for 2011!!

ps off to do more Research and Development: watch for chocolate being included more regularly in next years hols!! x