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20th June 2015

Holidays in a Cyprus villa with pool – reason one!

I woke up on this beautiful Saturday morning, in my own bed, as opposed to one of the many hotel beds we’ve stayed in recently, while travelling in Italy  and was reminded of just one reason why people choose to holiday in a private villa with a pool:


Yes, really! As I woke, Tony was gently snoring, Molly mou , who is only 4kgs, was snoring a sound which belonged to a huge and heavy man! Barney T Rubble, 67 kilos (and growing), was whimpering and making his little snores – and Charlie cat was crying to come out of  his room. Lovely morning music!

What’s this got to do with villas you ask? Well, when we walk past the holiday villas, late afternoon as the sun is setting and the guests are sun  kissed and relaxed from their day, we can often hear the gentle ‘zzzzzzzzz’s of contented people, feeling safe in their environment and enjoying a bit of down time, without interference or tons of other guests running around them. Its a great feeling.

Course, the other reason is that, like me, when they wake up, they can jump straight into the private pool, in their pjs (or not!) and no-one can complain coz its theirs!

Holiday villas with pools in Coral Bay and Peyia, from – so many reasons to choose these for your much deserved holidays and with some availability in July , August and September, what are you waiting for?

(“Do you mind”, says Barney T Rubble: “I was sleeping!”)

photo barney in bed today