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7th November 2019

Holiday with the celebrities in Peyia!

So, the local newspaper here was full of an exciting story that a celebrity singer and her Spanish footballing husband, have bought a villa in the Peyia area!

Well, that’s great – and good on them for having the good sense to realise what a beautiful area and island this is – but really? Are we meant to be overly excited about having great, hardworking and famous people invest in the area? again , it’s so very good to have any person invest in the type of properties available -but ALL investment is welcome and all great people are welcome too!

Take our business: we are small; formed over 17 years of hard work YET we deal with ”stars” on a daily basis! OMG, the wonderful people who choose to holiday in the selection of villas and apartments we have available, year in, year out! They are each incredible! Gorgeous; talented; worthy and SO special in that they’ve worked so hard to holiday – and here they are!

Again, it’s lovely to have the ”celebrity edge” but really? Every person in their own right, it a celebrity to their family, friends and loved ones . I’d like to make a great shout out to each of those who trust us – many , for many years. To name but a few, Laura and Joan; Richard and John; Caz and family; Sue, Andy and Lauren; Frances and family; Dave and Sue; Natalia and the team; Svetlana and all; George and the gang; Paula, Heather , David and Sam; George and Di —— Oh there are too  many to keep listing BUT  each of you are STARS! in the heaven which is our work here – and we’re honoured to have you trust us!

So, thank you for all of the investors in the island but do you know what, it’s the real people we should sing about and thank!

To book a villa in Peyia or Coral Bay, email to

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