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28th March 2014

Holiday Charm School

Barney T Rubble has just returned from one week residential charm school for would be naughty dogs – and he’s got an ASBO! I should have known this would happen: he’s stubborn, intelligent, gorgeous and just wants to do his own thing: (very much his owners dog!).

Linz, the very patient dog behavioural expert, returned Barney to us yesterday and looked positively relieved that he was out of his care. She ran through his report with us (no gold stars, boo hoo) and left us a whole SHEATH of instructions to try to ‘knock him into shape’…..

Getting home with him, we realised quickly that he’s misunderstood and thought he’d gone to learn how to train US! We give him a command, then he looks at us with his paws crossed until we do his bidding! (I’m very good at ‘sit’ and Tony is mastering ‘wait’)……Am sure things are a little upside down.

I joked with Linz that maybe we could have a ‘holiday villa staff charm school day’ – and she left very quickly! Thinking about this, she was just shocked coz she knows we’re very charming to our villa rental holiday guests – and Sam will swear at anyone who says we’re not!

Holiday villa arrivals are here en force! Bring ‘em on,…..’It is our pleasure to serve’

Charming or what!?

Category: Cyprus Villas News