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1st January 2010

Hitching a ride…..

I didn’t ask to be the driver nor did I particularly want a passenger this morning on the way to work but this large, skinny legged being was adamant that I was taking him to Philippos supermarket, whether I wanted to or not.

When I opened my car, he was already sitting in the passenger seat. I tried to “shoo” him away but he just went onto the drivers side down by the peddles then refused to move. I got in cautiously, terrified that he’d jump up towards my knees (I was wearing a skirt) and start to tickle me! He didn’t: obviously a gentleman, he just stayed in the space near the peddles until I got to the supermarket.

After I’d got the welcome packs for the arrivals to villas in Coral Bay, I went back to the car where he was still waiting, now sat on the back of the drivers chair. I asked him to move, he looked at me (smiled – or maybe I imagined that) and flew on his way…………

Never have I seen such a big, handsome insect/flying thingey as this – but he was a well mannered one at least!

Category: Cyprus Villas News