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3rd July 2013

hidden treasures……..

Its going to be a lucky day, I’ve decided. Since getting out of bed at a very early hour, due to a mix of loud birdsong on the hillside and Charlie cat asleep on my head, snoring loudly and ‘doing ‘ my hair, I’ve found a few things I thought I’d lost.

These include:
– a business card of mine from a past life, which has a message of luck written on it from a very dear friend who has since died
– a cardigan which I love ! Actually, I discovered I only ‘loved it’ , the more I couldn’t find it – but at least when I found it , it was ironed and ready to wear!
– a skirt which I presumed my sisters have ‘acquired’ during their recent stay in our home…..

….so all things being equal, am off to a good start!
Course, its only 8 am so things could go downhill from here! Still, at least the sun is in the heavens and I’ve beautiful villas in coral bay to visit, to take new photos!

Have a great Thursday

Category: Cyprus Villas News