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1st January 2010

Hi honey, I’m home!

I’ve been in the UK for a few days, on business – and it is SO lovely to come back to Cyprus, to our little part of the world on the Peyia hillside. Please dont get me wrong: I love the UK and think it is one of the most beautiful islands in the world but the weather is terrible and everyone looks so very sad. A lot of that has to be coz people are cold, wrapped up and in a hurry to get where they are going – but again, its good to be back among the easy smiles, laid back ways of the Cypriot locals: and the sunshine!!

Its been a very interesting few days: I’ve attended a Board meeting and enjoyed the challenges and hustles of business plus have hosted a training day and terrified some lovely people into selling more longterm campaigns – so its been busy and fulfilling – but there really is no place like home.

Its good to travel. It certainly does “broaden the bottom” but it also gives valuable time to think and look and learn and ponder stuff: and I’ve done my fair share of all of that since Wednesday! I’ve realised how much I do really love living in Cyprus and working with holidaymakers, making sure they get the best value from their villa holidays……..I’ve also realised that it is so important to understand how stressful travelling can be for families with small children too, so have made a mental note that we must keep trying to find ways to do more for them to make them feel welcome when they get here to their villa in Coral Bay. This was brought home by a great couple and their six month old daughter who I sat with on the flight to UK. They had stayed in a villa here (not one of ours) and had experienced a tough few times eg finding key to the villa, finding the villa!, getting their electricity turned back on when it went off – and more! I listened and learned! Of course, we get our fair share of challenges but we do respond quickly.

I rang Tony to tell him about this but he was out – at the villa of a young family who needed to stay in coz one of their children was a little poorly, so Tony had gone to take pizza and lend some DVDs: or lend what we had left from the others we’d lent to another family earlier in the day! So I felt better knowing how hard we do try to make holidays the best they can be – but I’ve come home determined that we’ll try even harder! Especially if that means more people will come on holiday with us and that means less chance of me having to go back to the UK again! Simple, female logic!

Off to unpack……