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1st January 2010

He’s got an “ology”

Over the past two days, our team have been undertaking a training course in the art of correct swimming pool maintenance and cleaning. Whilst the team are excellent and experienced, we decided it would be a great investment for us to get a recognised authority in this art, in to train us – so we keep ahead of our game.

To this end, The National Swimming Pool Foundation of Colorado Springs in America, sent Alex to us for 2 days – and it turns out Alex is a Cypriot, so he combined an excellent training course with visiting his Mum!

Not only is Alex a great trainer , he is also a lovely man and Tony and I had the pleasure of dining with him last night, learning a lot more about him over a meze.

This morning, while having our informal “board meeting” in bed, a man who I adore and who wakes up with me daily and has done for the past 25 years but whose identity needs to be protected, answered a stupid question I asked him, with a very funny answer – which he didn’t mean to do!

I asked (because Alex doesn’t drink; is very disciplined/fit and open hearted plus had said he was a religious man, “Do you think he is a scientologist”…..which really was a stupid question and showed how ignorant I am.

The man who may or may not be Tony answered sleepily, “Probably. He studied biology.”……………

Laugh? I almost had to jump into our cold and still dirty pool to compose myself!!