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5th January 2013

‘Herr’ today, gone , well, today……..

Oh dear. With the one week countdown now beginning for the much anticipated nuptials of Susie Floozy and Great Raymondodoulou, The Grandad, ‘herr-dresser’ of the most sensitive bride to be, has ‘done a runner’…….

Those of us who know and love Susie F dearly, also know and love the challenge of her growing curly, and very pretty ‘herr’……In fact, only recently, my beloved husband likened the current style to that of a ‘free form mop’ – which amused GRTG and I immensely but led to Tony being physically attacked by SF – which was only right and proper!

We don’t THINK that the ‘herr-dresser’ has disappeared ONLY because of the challenge which would have faced her next Thursday but………

So, the race is on to find a creative, courageous and skilled replacement to ensure our precious bride to be, looks as beautiful as we all know she is going to.

Its a terrible thing to happen to any bride one week before the Big Day – but its caused much amusement in our household today, I can tell you! Probably best I don’t let TOO many people know about it though…….what do you think? (and do you have shears?)……

Category: Cyprus Villas News