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1st January 2010

Here we go into number five!

We cannot believe we’ve now lived here for 4 years, as of 23rd November, 2007. I still pinch myself when I answer the question, “where do you live?” and my answer is, “Peyia, Cyprus”. It just doesn’t seem real.

Today, the 25th November, is a gloriously warm autumnal, Cyprus day. The colours in the skies, sea and hillsides are lovely: “true” and bathed in golden light. Cyprus really is a beautiful country.

We’ve been this morning, to check on some of our villa guests who are staying in a villa in Coral Bay, which has lovely views of banana bay. Like them, we just stood and stared out at the view while we talked “stuff and nonsense” about the area/ their home town – and the best wine to drink! It certainly is a beautiful day…..

Jake is settling well. He begins “charm” lessons tomorrow with Chris, the dog trainer. Chris says Jake is a happy and playful pup, full of love and joy: a very different dog from the one rescued 7 weeks ago. Alfie is keeping control of him and loves to play fight with him, getting Jake to acquiese before Jake then pushes Alfie in the pool. Molly shouts at both but is happy sitting in the sunshine, just watching their antics whilst she gets her tummy tickled by whoever is around at the time: (she’s a tart; anyone will do!).

Tiff has taken to living upstairs permanently and shouting loudly whenever she wants to be fed. Charlie is Charlie: a total monster who is brave enough to let Jake take his entire head into the dogs mouth whilst the silly big pup “cleans” Charlies ears.

Life rolls on and we begin year five with a feeling of thanks that we’re here, excitement for the year ahead and the holidaymakers we’ll meet and greet – and, thank god, no sign of the AWFUL hangover which I carried around yesterday following a very heavy Friday night!……..