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1st January 2010

Here, kitty, kitty………

As I pulled onto our drive two nights ago, a tiny little grey/tortoiseshell kitten was sitting on the bins trying get in to eat what he/she could find. It was very cute – and very brave – but disappeared when I tried to go to pick it up.

Last night, I heard Charlie on the back wall (cat that is, not our friend, Charly, owner of Lily May villa), and Charlie was talking to something. So I climbed up to have a look – and there was the same little kitten, sitting a safe distance away from Charlie but obviously wanting to be with him.

So I brought Charlie in, told Tony about the kitten and we both then instructed Charlie to bring the kitten home for his meals but also to tell him/her to watch out for Jake – who loves snacks which are crunchy with soft centres!

I’ve waited for hours now for the kitten to call in but he is being evasive. I’ve even taken today off work just to be here to welcome him/her – but no sign yet.

Course, I don’t want another cat or dog but what can you do? Its tiny/hungry and on its own – and we’ve still got a houseful of cat and dog treats from Christmas and a warm hearth to welcome it to! Not that I’m going to get attached to it: oh no; no more emotional attachment to animals for me EVER!! but it can stay and we will feed it………

“Here kitty, kitty……….”

Category: Cyprus Villas News