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1st January 2010

Here, kitty kitty….

I think all of the villa holidaymakers in Coral Bay and Peyia, Cyprus, must have heard the commotion on our hillside in the early hours of this morning. I was woken at around 3.50 am to the horrible sound of a cat fight going on close to the wall of our villa. In the fuzzy stages of a heavy sleep being disturbed, it didn’t register for a few seconds that one of the “voices” was Charlie kitten – until Alfie, Jake and Molly started to go crazy to get out of our home and into the fight!

We all ran downstairs to the front door and, within seconds, Charlie dashed in closely followed by one huge feral cat, being chased by Alfie, being chased by Jake with Molly on the sidelines: It was like a farce!

With Charlie safely under the dresser, I managed to grab Jake, push the other cat out of the back door (and he was very happy to go!) and get Molly and Alfie to calm down!

Tony and Jim slept through………I;m coming back as a man!

Category: Cyprus Villas News