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1st January 2010

Helping hands…….

I’ve got a dose of bronchitis which is no big deal except to everyone I’ve met today while I’ve been shopping in Peyia! The chemist fulfilled my prescription then wanted to give me some “vegetable tablets” which his grandfather swore by. The Frenchman in the supermarket heard my gruff voice and proffered a clove of garlic (though he was crossing himself at the same time: wonder if he knows I do readings?).

Antonia, the completely crazy and colourful Cypriot lady who we do biz with, suggests that Tony should wrap me in hot towels soaked in Zivania (think pernod with brandy then add a lot of petrol! Its the local drink). Apparently, this has to be experienced in bed and I’m to sleep in the towels!

The baker gave me an easter cake – which was stale but that helps too – he says. (|Certainly helped clear a space on his shelf).

Tony gave me a list of chores to do while he is at the pub watching one of the matches – and that was probably the best thing as its kept me busy. I’ve made chilli, coleslaw, tsatziki and some “depressed broth” (which is a home recipe for thick chunky soup that you can only make when you are either down, sad, troubled or under the weather: Why? Haven’t got a clue but it takes your mind off things and tastes okay too!).

The dogs have done their bit: I went to lie down for an hour and they all snuggled in around me on the bed, so I had to get up and they are still there………….Charlie cat isn’t in the least bit bothered as he is sunbathing by the pool , enjoying the end of day sun!

Possibly the best remedy will be the chocolate and George Clooney DVD I’ve got lined up for when I’ve finished sorting our holiday bookings……………. well, its worth a try anyway!

And before I forget, Thursday was the birthday of the wonderful, big hearted and sensitive Suzie: I didn’t want to wish her lovely things that day coz she had some sad news at the start of it and was very upset. At least she knows we all adore here and are glad she is here.

Also a very BIG happy birthday to lauren, whose birthday is the same day as Susies: Lauren is my gorgeous friend Marys eldest daughter and is a beautiful girl who is a great dancer! (and slide, and slide, and do the butterfly…….)

Tons of love to you both and anyone else whose having a birthday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx