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1st January 2010

Heavy Skies

If you looked out of the window today in Peyia and Coral Bay, you’d be forgiven for thinking that its winter here in Cyprus. The skies are cloudy, look stormy and the air is very, very heavy. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was going to rain anytime now……

I think that is wishful thinking on my part! The tourists would hate the rain but we locals would absolutely love it! Its been up to 40 degrees every day for what seems like forever and its hard to stay cool in the challenging world of holiday rentals. The heat addles many a decent brain – and mine is definitely one of them!

Still, it could be far worse: one of our guests lives in Devon and he’s just told me that it rains there “forever and ever”. He is only 8 and loves the sunshine: think he was trying to make his parents feel guilty about making him go home on Saturday!

The potential rain is a good excuse to close the office early and rush home to bring my washing in!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News