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6th February 2013

heavenly happenings

We wake this morning to a very quiet household. Molly mou is subdued, looking for his big brother Alfie and Charlie cat is more concerned about ‘catching ‘ the little birds who are eating the tiny grapes!

My heart is at peace knowing for the first time in years, Alf will have slept well, without pain waking him and without worrying about his people. Tony and I were talking about Alfie being with Jake but I suspect Jake is in ‘heaven prison’ having done something or other (probably assisted by his new pal, Benson) and that Alf will be with the ‘elders’, including Lesleys gorgeous dog, Hera and will be being given special treatment and thanks for being such a wonderful, loving companion and carer to us for the past 14 years.

I told Alfie to give Jake a wag but not to bail him out or give him a character reference till alf was sure Jake would amend his mischievous ways. Alfie has been through enough, a small part of which was Jakes fault, so its time for our gorgeous, strong furry son to hang up his responsibilities and just relax till he feels better again……..

Am longing to reach out and hold Alfie close but then I realise he is in our hearts, so we’ve just got to look within and let him be free to live his new precious life, without restriction….

So very hard but we are so very glad he shared over half of our married lives with us and the rest of the furry family. Also sure Alfie will find a way to ‘put’ another animal in our way – but not just yet xx