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2nd June 2021

Heavenly ASBO.

It’s been one long, hard month since we lost Barney T Rubble – and its very difficult but life has to go on.

People have been so very kind, sending loving thoughts and wishes, showing kindnesses and sending photos of our beautiful boy – and I’m eternally grateful to each and every one who has helped more than they will realise.

One thing that keeps being spoken to me about, is The Rainbow Bridge. I love the concept of this but don’t want Barney to be waiting for us. I want him to be running, playing, living ”out loud”, without the pain he suffered or a care in the world.

I know with all my heart that he’s with his furry brothers and sisters  – that he’ll have been reunited with his tiny sister, Molly, whose heart was bigger than even Barney. He’ll meet Dan, Lucy, William, Henry-but-your-not-staying, Alfiedog , the many beautiful cat souls who’ve graced our lives – and his uncle Jake!

It’s Jake who worries me. He would have been served a heavenly ASBO immediately on entry to The Rainbow Bridge. A very naughty Akita, who loved to create ”hostage situations” with anything from bread to butter pats; meat to a lizard, he was struggling with Epilepsy and we didn’t know until close to his passing…..

That said, he still chose to steal wallets and phones, money and socks – he was a tinker who probably had a passion for online gambling, according to the owner of the phone he chose!

In effect, I know Barney is safe. And will be loved. And would have been welcomed into his family with open paws and cries of joy  – and that gives me peace.

Perhaps the heavenly ASBO should be served to me, for losing sight of the loving years of sheer joy spent with Barney. For not trying harder to cherish the memory of the sound of his song as the bells peeled out across Peyia – for not being grateful for every moment rather than heartbroken over the loss of his presence…..

I know that this loss brings home not only losing Barney but of the loss of all of our furry family over 36 plus years of loving them.

And I know I’m not alone – indeed, so very many people are suffering far more pain at this very  moment and my heart goes out to them. I don’t mean to be selfish – I’m just sad…..

Today, I met Oliver. He was a dog found on the hillside above Limassol who has been taken into the hearts and home of a lovely couple who rescued him, fed him and loved him well.

Looking into his beautiful eyes today, as I cuddled him close, I was reminded of how precious the soul of every animal is and how each deserve to be loved but will always love us back far more than we do them. Theirs is unconditional, consistent and devoted.

The ASBO should go to whomever dumped Oliver – they have lost out on the most special loving bond.

Tomorrow is another day. Barney and his siblings will always be loved and their memories held precious.

God bless the souls of the animals who’ve passed – and those who are struggling right now. May they find their person and may that person be worthy of them.

Love out loud – with kindness x

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