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16th May 2014

Heaven on Earth: Cyprus!

Now the title is a little misleading: Cyprus IS in my  humble opinion, heaven on earth but we also have Heaven On Earth, the herbal remedy business run by the gorgeous Caroline, from the Herb Garden at Pano Akourdalea,, near Kathikas Cyprus.

I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline a few years ago when I went to see her as a ‘last resort’ ie being a lady of a certain age, I was having ‘tendencies’ which included terrible heat rages – and the desire to stab Tony with the kitchen knife! Luckily, this lovely, clever and understanding lady, was able to cure the rages easily. LOL!

Anyway, knowing that Mum is in great need of comfort as well as physical healing, I couldn’t think of a better place to take her, than to see Caroline and to spend an hour just sitting in the absolute peace of the Herb Garden. And I couldn’t have made a better decision: The garden was in full bloom but what took both my Mum and I by surprise, was just how peaceful the garden was: we simply stepped over the threshold and it was almost like we’d stepped onto a sacred ground, where the birdsong ruled, the butterflies played and people were welcome but entirely unnecessary. If that wasn’t enough, Caroline spent an hour with mum just listening to her and learning about how hurt she is, then this gentle lady, massaged my Mums shoulders, cuddled her and dispensed some natural and vital healing drops. Mum looked about 10 years younger when we left.

It often saddens me that the holiday makers who come to stay in the villas and apartments in Coral Bay and Peyia, don’t take the time to explore the local villages and to find places like the Herb Garden. I totally understand the need for rest, sunbathing and playing in the sea — but even half an hour spent in the calming and healing atmosphere of this sanctuary, is worth the journey. The Herb Garden, set in the herb area of Cyprus, is unique and memorable. That Caroline has added to it with her immense knowledge of herbal medicine and  her care of people, has brought the Herb Garden into one of the best places in the world  and you MUST visit it.

Caroline runs – in the island that is quite simply, heaven on earth – and the Herb Garden is only 10 mins drive from the holiday beach villas in Coral Bay. If you’d like to know more, please email to me on and I’ll be happy to dispense advise on great villas and the best route to find Caroline!