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1st January 2010

Hear nowt…..

Tony and I had lunch at Yialos beach taverna yesterday with Susie and The Great Raymondo- the latter still wearing his shorts, of course!

During the afternoon, I was day dreaming and not really paying attention to the conversation at the table (sorry, friends and hubs) but my attention was caught by Tony talking about the fact that, “You always need a man to complete the cycle of life……”

Red rag to a bull! Don’t like chauvinism at the best of times ( and I know this wasn’t really but thats not the point!) but I also don’t like facts being overlooked so I volunteered that there were now sperm banks around and so a man wasn’t necessary – but Ray said, “Actually, Lynn , we were talking about chickens…..”

Tony laughed and said, “Yes, they cannot go into a bank and order male stuff , can they?”, to which Ray replied, “No but they could open an Egg account”……


And I’d been fowled………..teaches me for butting in when I’m not in the chats!

Category: Cyprus Villas News