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1st January 2010

hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing…….

Tonight, the majority of football referring experts , will be sat on their sofas, enthusiastically critiquing the decisions of the poor souls whose job it is to maintain order in the England v Germany football match…….

Today, we’ve been honoured by a steady stream of rental and Cyprus- the island, UK ex-pat experts, who’ve either emailed to us or called into the shop to ask us something, then tell us how wrong we are and how they see things…… From the cost of rental to the way to follow up a quotation, we’ve been offered sheds full of advice and direction – and I have to say I’ve found it hard to maintain “the corporate smile” and listen – but listen I have.

Opinions are like noses – we’ve all got ’em – and that’s what makes the world interesting. Sometimes though, opinion is all it is and when shared, can make for lively conversation. Its when opinion is forced upon you, disguised as a fact and offered aggressively, that my normally easy going nature, fights the devil demon in me who would like to shout back!

Today, after visit number 3 from another retired ex pat couple who wanted Peyia to be Blackpool and rentals to be something near to being free, I found myself day dreaming through the tirade from Mr X and wondering what in our signage, gave people the impression they should call in and tell us how to do our jobs/run the village.

Maybe “sales and rental of property” is code for something the over 60s read as “come in and shout at us”. Or perhaps “villas in Coral Bay”, really means, we’ve nothing better to do than to listen to you complain about life in our lovely village……

Or just maybe the people who called, meant well (and I have to believe they did), had their own problems (and we all do) and were lonely/homesick/euro sick/credit crunch sick……..or were just plain rude. Whatever the reason, I’m so happy to be home with Tony and our animals, preparing to have a much needed (and very strong) coffee while sat on the thinking step, reflecting on the day while I watch the magic of the wonderful autumnal sunsets we’re getting.

This is a lovely place to live – but thats only my personal opinion. For those who may want to debate this, our offices open again at 9am tomorrow and we’re here to help you (though time wasters will definitely be given the red card!).