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1st January 2010

Head in the Clouds

We decided to drive over to Polis and Latsi tonight. Tonys mum goes home on Wednesday and we’ve been feeling a little guilty that we’ve been so busy with business, that we haven’t had enough time to Mum.

We’ve had a lovely night. Its only 10 minutes drive over the hills to Latsi but the difference between Coral Bay and there is immense. latsi is really quiet, building up slowly and boasts a fishing harbour that is relatively unspoilt. We’ve walked, talked and eaten to our hearts content – all in mid october warmth and lovely breezes: totally perfect. Even the drive home was pleasant as we drove through the low sitting clouds, resting on the Peyia hillside….lovely.

Till tonys mum and her friend, had a “what”. They’ve shouted at each other, been unable to hear one another, so “what-ed” to each other loudly and in the restaurant. So we’ve come home to Peyia, having checked on the holiday makers in the local villas – and ended up having our own “What” very loudly, whilst other mother and friend are snuggled up happily on the patio, enjoying the evening as if nothing happened!

Families, honestly!

Still, we had the evening dog walk to look forward to: Tony very gently explained to Jake that tomorrow, Jake is parted from his, erhm, manliness and that it won’t hurt (Tony) a bit! Jake couldn’t care less! He just wanted to chase Alfie and play with Molly. Lets see how he feels tomorrow!

Gotta go early tonight,sorry! Other mother is now fighting with Charlie cat and her friend Bill is shouting, “What are you doing”…….

I’m going out. See you!

Category: Cyprus Villas News