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1st January 2010

Having my cake and eating it!!

Over Easter, I bought a gorgeous chocolate cake filled with biscuits, from our local bakery in Peyia. By coincidence, one of the glossy mags our friends brought me, had the same cake in, as a recipe. I’m a little stressed today so I thought I’d bake tonight to get rid of some energy: and chose the chocolate cake as the subject matter.

Having checked in guests to villas in Coral Bay, I hot-footed it to Phillipos where I bought the ingredients then I’ve spent an hour looking forward to making it -and, erm, trying to find the ingredients I’d forgotten to buy!

I had enough chocolate but no golden syrup – so I’ve put brandy in ……

There was enough butter but no vanilla essence – so I put a bit more brandy in

There was more than enough brandy to soak the raisins in, coz, thankfully, I’d put the cupful to this to one side before I discovered I didn’t have the syprup and the essence!

I don’t have icing sugar so, well, I just put a bit more brandy in (and poured me a small one while I was at it), then added some more chocolate- to my tummy! (Well, saves waiting for the cake to cook!).

So , there I have it: one totally un-recipe like, nothing like I’d eaten at Easter, chocolate and biscuit cake without most of its ingredients!

Said cake is now chilling in the kitchen, though smells very “hot” with its brandy aroma. I’m eagerly awaiting the testing time- apparently I have to leave it two hours…..

I suppose because I’ve cheated on the recipe, it wouldn’t matter if I stuck my finger in it now and tried it, would it?

Tomorrow, I’m going back to the bakery: think its the only way to save my waistline and brandy supplies!