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6th May 2016

Having ‘heart in the game’….

I’m so grateful to be ending this very busy week, feeling grateful to the wonderful team of people who work with Tony and I in our two businesses, Lazydaze Ltd and The Pool People Ltd, in Peyia.

We’ve had a few changes in the past few months; some difficult, some inevitable and some ‘engineered’ but we’ve ended up facing the right direction and all on the same journey – something that is exceptionally difficult in most businesses – and working in the sunshine seems to compound that challenge.

Some good people have moved on from our businesses in the  past 18 months:  one, happily and dedicated to making his own business succeed for his wife and baby daughter; another , for a mix of personal reasons and being unable to see that he’d lost his own motivation for the work, so any problems became everyone else’s fault. Another found the work just not for him……..and it goes on!

A persons life is his/her own – and their dreams , equally precious and meant to be nurtured. I just pray that, on the journey to working on making our dreams come true, we can be shown a smidgeon of the respect and tolerance that we’ve shown to others – rather than the back biting and knocking that is the culture here.

Right now, having let myself get hurt by inevitable comments again in the past few weeks, I’m feeling stronger and am back at the helm, fully intent on steering this ‘vessel’, on it’s journey and committed to protecting and supporting , ‘all who sail in her’.

For those who’ve already stepped off our journey, I wish you speed, respect and opportunity on your new path. We’ve no need to cross paths: the Law of Abundance is fruitful and provides much opportunity: bring it on!

I’m also grateful to the friend of one of our ex members of staff who reminded me that it isn’t necessary to always ‘turn the other cheek’. Sometimes going forward with boldness and a good heart, is what is required.

In a phrase shared with me by my grandmother, “Sticks and stones may break our bones but your words will never hurt me”………..

To the future! And many more happy customers working with us!

For villas with clean pools; for pools maintained to EU standards; for a total professional and excellent, honest service, email to

(The photo below feels symbolic today: the sun is setting on the end of a lovely day and the sunset brings the promise of another , exciting day ahead).

photo best sunset yialos