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4th November 2013

have a cup of tea, pet

When I was a little girl, the answer to every problem, was a ‘nice cup of tea,pet’ which I enjoyed at my Nannas house in Hebburn. My sister , Maxine and I, when we were very young, used to have our own china cup and saucer into which Nanna would pour ‘magic tea’ to make our worries go away……

I think that many people who’d lived through the wars, Nanna believed that tea solved everything – or maybe, as I realise now, just the process of making and sharing a cuppa with people who love you , makes the problems seem more bearable….

Nanna would only have ‘half a cup’ of course!

I was thinking about this today when I went home to let our dogs out: Alfie dog has started to refuse his tablets, so when I went home, I was sitting on the Thinking Step trying to fathom out how to make him take the 5 a day, essential to his wellbeing, when I noticed that the mug of tea I had made, was being drunk – by Alfie!

So I made us both another cuppa, put his tablets into his – and lo and behold, the tea and tablets disappeared!

I’ve tried wrapping them in turkey, ham, beef ….and all I needed to do was to make him a cuppa! Simples!

So Nanna was right: a cup of tea and another problem solved, magically!

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