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15th August 2016

Hat’s off for trying!

It’s been bank holiday here today: actually, the largest bank holiday of the Cypriot year and the local families have been out and about enjoying their beautiful villages/families and food – and it’s been lovely to be part of.

Except we’ve worked all weekend. The pool team have been amazing, working through the bank holiday, repairing eg a broken pool pump within an hour – in fact, the guest was on the phone shouting at us about his pool when he had to take a breath , apologise and say, “We’ve just got up and noticed the pump isn’t working but your team have just turned up”……

The day didn’t get any easier. Another pump, lost a ‘bung’ due to having to constantly deal with water which was filled with garden waste from bushes that the owners love but the filtration system doesn’t…’s been fun. Luckily , we have a lot of parts in stock and could react because the suppliers are all closed this week.

My favourite (?) challenge today, has been the very selfish agent, who is prone to wearing crazy hats and who had rented a villa from us for her Russian guests. They were due to leave at noon today, as all villa guests have to but at 1.30 pm, the cleaning team were still standing waiting to clean, while the agent (who has a penchant for hats ) and the guests, (who seemed to enjoy ‘flashing their private parts), enjoyed tea and cake in the villa

With new guests due in at 4pm, I was one moment from ringing the police when they decided to dress, cease passing wind (a whole other story) and leave the villa! What a carry on! Luckily, the housekeeping team reacted well and the villa was sparkling ready for the new guests.

I love my job – but I need a GnT!

If you’d like to rent a villa with private pool, no resident guests and a sparkling pool, email to me on and I’ll give you best offers.

Tomorrow is another day!….

photo pikni three lovely sunset

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