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9th January 2019

Harry’s house

There are many, beautiful feral cats who live on the hillside near our home in Peyia. Most, thankfully, have a ”friendly household”, who feed them and look out for them but at this time of the year, many of the expats have returned to their home countries to enjoy the start of the new year.

Which leaves us. And Barney T Rubble. Surrounded by the cutest, loudest, skinniest group of feline characters I’ve ever come across!

Now, I would have them all living in our home. Tony is good and would have maybe one to three of them – but Barney T Rubble is having none of it – and none of them!

The weather has been terrible in Cyprus for 4 weeks. Our annual winter time has extended to over just over a month and has been very cold and wet. So the feral gang are not only hungry, they are cold as well – and it’s all too much!

So, Tony and I have ”fashioned” a cat hotel out of an old cat box, some bits from work including lots of waterproof liners and many cushions and warm sweaters, (mostly old but I have to admit to finding the warmest in our wardrobes and ”losing them” to this new hotel!).

Harry Cat has been the first to move in. He seems very happy but keeps hissing at me when I DARE to take eg fresh salmon or pieces of beef for him to eat! He’s warm and cosy in the hotel, has no dues to pay BUT now rules the hillside and is fighting off the others. Mummy cat, who sits on the back wall of our home, keeps telling me very loudly, how badly done so she is and how Harry, “has it all” – so we’re trying to get Harry to share…….will let you know how this goes but I am expecting ”claws out at hotel Harry!”

If you’d like somewhere to stay which you don’t have to share, except with those you love, email to me about villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations in Coral Bay and Peyia. If you’re ”feline” like sunshine this spring and summer, this is definitely the place – with resident feral cats a bonus!

(Photo is Charlie Cat. Original Cat of the Hill, here in Peyia).