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9th January 2020

Harry of the Hill!

Returning to our home in Peyia, a few days ago, I was so happy to see that the ”feline two” were still hanging around the house – and that they’d invited a couple of furry friends to join them!

I wasn’t surprised that the gang had grown: our wonderful friends Susie Floozy and The Great Raymondodoulou were Barney and house sitting for us, (again!), while we went back to the UK to celebrate my sister Maxines, too short life. Susie is animal mad and loves to give Barney treats – and was more than happy to feed the two cats who seem to be resident here now but I’m not sure she was expecting their friends though I cast the blame at her feet coz I know she has been ridiculously kind to the cats , as well as to Barney.

The newbies are very sweet. One, the black cat, normally lives outside of next doors house but I suspect Harry, the leader of this little team, has discussed with this new cat, the sort of menu on offer at our home,  so the cat decided to try it for himself.

The other, is so much like our late cat Charlie, that I’m sure Charlie must have been sowing his wild oats nearby and this cat is one of his offspring – and has come to claims his ”inheritance”.

Still, Harry is very much in charge. He seems to feel it his duty to come up to the front door of the house every morning, if we are late feeding them or every evening if they are hungry and want their food early. I’m actually expecting to open the door one of these days and find Harry there unrolling a scroll of demands! We opened the pump house so they can take shelter there and I’ve made four little beds for them, so it’s cozy – and have noticed that Harry has tried each of them and still cannot decide which is his favourite.

I’ve just been shopping in Peyia and have stocked up on cat food – as well as chicken breasts which they all love and some salmon which is for Tony and I but I suspect the lions share will go to our furry guests! Harry was even there as I parked and took a peak into my shopping back to ensure he was happy with the contents!

Barney doesn’t like the cats. They know this now and keep away from him, (thankfully!). As a dog, he’s far too cool to bother with them – and , as he met the Mayor this morning whilst out for his walk with me, I suspect he’s far too ”posh” now to be bothered with anyone or anything – except treats!

Happy days.

Come and meet Harry and the many cats who live in Peyia. Email for deals on villas and apartments for 2020 to

Photo below is of Harry then his friend, Brucie, the original Feline Two.