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1st January 2010

hard work !!!!!!

talk about hard work when you work for 24 hours a day in hot degrees you just simply need a break. So today me and Auntie Lynn went for ice cream a clock. There are so many nice villas in Pathos and Coral Bay so today me and Auntie Lynn did 2 check outs and 1 check in sorry for your delays . so what i don’t get is me and Auntie Lynn work hard while my mum and uncle Tony relax while watching f1 . But i get ice cream ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the dogs and cat are fine charlie cat has been fighting with a lizard and been bitten on his lip lynn was worried because charlie cat stayed out late with out permisson . molly dog (duddle bug ) is fine

so today Auntie lynn and my mum were having a cup of tea when Auntie lynn dropped her phone in the water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but luckily Uncle Tony came to the rescue giving Auntie Lynn a i phone,maybe I should try that!!!!

bye for now charlotte xxxxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News