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20th March 2017

Happy? You Betcha!

Well, it’s International Day of Happiness and I couldn’t be happier if I tried! Why? I’ve just completed the final exercise in the far too many which make up the online RYA Day Skippers Course which my loving husband bought for me as a birthday pressie!

Rejoicing at the achievement, I then pressed ”forward’, only to discover there is now an Assessment which will take 6-8 hours to complete and which has to be done within the 24 hours of receiving the password to open it! Deep joy! I REALLY thought I was home and dry, (or setting sail and in the wet seas, as a Day Skipper), then saw this! Still, onwards and upwards! I honestly didn’t think I’d get through this (excellent) course online- but I did! So Bring On The Assessment!

Just not today! I’d like to remain in this, ”happy” state of mind for the next couple of days!

Of course, being in Cyprus, living on a pretty hillside in Peyia, with Tony and our furry gang, makes me happy, assessment or not! Still, it’s a good day to count blessings, breath a sigh of relief about the RYA course and chill – but I”d be happier booking holiday villas to make you happy! So enquire about deals and availability : write to me on (You’ll know when I get through the Assessment – my email will change to ”””! Happy days!

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