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1st January 2010

Happy sad…..

The most crazy wonderful Stewart family, from Wales, have flown home today. They are some of the best people we know: Michelle is completely beautiful , funny and great to spend time with. Adrian is strong, calm and has a heart of gold. Their children are everything you’d expect.

Married for 300 years, we were very impressed with the fact that , even having just arrived, the manner in which they looked at their bed, made it break. Days later, it gave way completely! Now, this passionate couple are not big – only huge in spirit and warmth and the bed obviously couldn’t take the challenge….

Seriously, we felt terrible that a new bed in a new villa was so scared and gave up: but it was English and they are Welsh and we had spoken a lot about them so maybe it was just plain terrified?……

Luckily, the Stewarts have great humour and patience and forgave the bed – and us for offering them this villa in the first place. The bed is fixed and I hope our reputation too – but its awful when daft things happen in the villas to any guests, let alone these lovely friends! Am sure the owner will sort this out so it doesn’t happen again…..

Anyway ,we are looking forward to welcoming them back again, though it may be in a years time when we’ll all have aged/celebrated big birthdays (thank you SOOOO much for the pressie) and enjoyed weddings/christenings and family times…….

The joy of our work is meeting people like Adrian and Michelle. The sadness is that we don’t see more of them or have them live closer.

That said, the beds and my liver , are probably grateful for the distance!!

Tons of love and welcome home xxxxxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News