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14th August 2014

Happy? I remember happy!

One of the great pleasures about a holiday is taking photos then reliving the holiday over and over again, when you look back through the photos. Often, we’re asked by the guests in the villas, if we’ll take photos of them in their chosen ‘home’ or by the pool or on the  beach or in the restaurant……………even at the supermarket! Its always our pleasure to do so but we don’t want to be in the photos!

Last night,  Tony and I went on a little trip down memory lane, looking over 30 years of photographs of various holidays and moments. It was lovely. Tony laughed at how our friends had changed, I cried at the photos of the many pets we’ve loved, lived with and lost – then we both looked at a photo of us in our mid 20s and stopped. We looked so young and so very together!

I said to Tony, “Oh look: we look happy!”.

“We are happy” , he responded , very grumpily!

Silly me, I’d forgotten LOL!!

If you’d like to be happy, email to me on and I’ll make you smile with great offers for winter sun!barney in a bucket

The photo below is when Barney wasn’t too happy – but he looks cute.