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1st January 2010

Happy Endings!

Yesterday, the guests in Stavroulla villa told us about a mummy cat who’d had kittens but had left one. Turned out, she hadn’t left the kitten: the children in the villa were keeping it in their rooms so mummy cat couldnt’ get to it!

I went to get the kitten this morning, took it to the vet and had it checked. Its only 3 days old and has great lung power and is very, very cute! Leaving the vet, 30 euros lighter but carrying a tub of babycat powder!, I came back to the office,where Marie, Sam and I have mothered the kitten all day…..

To cut a long story short, having argued over which of us would nurse “Nicklepuss”, marie won and took him home – to her house which is next door to Stavroulla.

Marie has just phoned: when she got home, mummy cat was crying for her baby. Nicklepuss cried back, mummy ran to the cat box, Marie opened the door and mummy has taken her baby away to join his brothers and sisters…..

Aaaaah…….. We’re all heartbroken but in a good way!

Category: Cyprus Villas News