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1st January 2010

Happy Birthday to Maxine!

My beautiful, middle sister , Maxine is celebrating her birthday today. She is 44 and about to become a granny!She’s also completely gorgeous, funny, vibrant and can wear a black bin liner and look fabulous. Jealous, moi? Course not!

When both my sisters come to Peyia, Tony and I are guaranteed that hearts will be broken in The Jail pub and tavernas around Coral Bay……….Max just has that “x” factor that gets men talking – and Steph, my baby sister, is totally beautiful and incredibly funny and attracts male attention constantly! Not that either of them want the attention, it just happens!

This time of year is very special to Max and I: today is Maxs day , tomorrow would have been our Nannas birthday and Tuesday is mine! See how clever we are keeping the birthdays together for ease! As a small girl, I used to get very impatient waiting for Max and Nanna to have their days so I could get to mine! Now, I’d rather not celebrate the numbers I’m notching up – though I love a good party!

This year sees me hit, “trianda thecka enya”! No, I won’t tell you: ask someone what it is next time you are in Coral Bay , Cyprus! I’ll be celebrating by doing some villa holiday check outs and check ins – and praying that flights are on time so we can go for a meal in Peyia.

Kerry and Dave at The Spa in the Crown Resort Hotel in Coral Bay, have invited me to try a facial on Tuesday morning too! All in the line of duty of course! The Spa offers our villa holiday makers “Pre Flight Pamper Treatments” – so I’ve got to know what I’m talking about, haven’t I? Its all in a days work…..

Jake has settled a bit today………….though he loves shoes, especially with feet in them! The clean washing on the line blowing in the September Cyprus breezes also caught his attention – and dirty paws!

Category: Cyprus Villas News