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1st January 2010


Samantha and I checked in two wonderful families on Thursday morning. They had travelled from Israel to come to stay in Villas Melanie and Enjoyy, having been recommended to come to us by some friends who’d stayed a few years ago.

The families arrived at 5.30am in Larnaca then drove to Coral Bay so we were expecting very tired people but when the first car door opened, the most beautiful, awake and happy little girl, aged about 2, jumped out and ran to the other car. Embracing her cousins who’d just alighted from the second car, who she’d been apart from for approx an hour and a half, this lovely girl opened her arms wide and smiling, said to them, ‘oh, I’ve missed you’………

I wanted to cry! It was so gorgeous and she was so very happy to be back with her partners in crime. Am trying to find excuses to keep visiting the villa, she is so lovely!

Category: Cyprus Villas News