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1st January 2010

hang dog looks

If I didnt know better, I’d swear Jake has a hangover today! He is down by the pool with his head in his paws and looks totally “down at heel”….he has even allowed Charlie Kitten to walk all over him and hasn’t battered an eye lid!

Molly has been ill all night too: she joined us at a family lunch party yesterday, sitting behind me on the chair and stealing bits of food from her granny – and wasn’t well at all. Probably all the garlic in the pasta dish Tony made!

Alfie is good as gold and just watched the proceedings from a sensible distance, ignoring offerings of garlic chicken and leaving beer alone: Jake, of course, stuck his long tongue into any beer glass he could reach -sometimes without the owner of said glass realising! (Yes, of course I told them – later, hee hee!!).

We were “celebrating” the end of my mums winter stay in Cyprus. She is heading back to UK for the summer. It was a good “do” but a long one and I’m desperately in need of an early night!

By the look of our household today, I’m not the only one either!

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